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Zepp Golf Apple Watch - Getting Started

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With Zepp Golf 4.0 you can access your swing metrics, change clubs, and view swing history on your Apple watch. 

Pair your Apple Watch to your phone:

First you'll have to pair your Apple watch to your iPhone. 
For further instructions on how to pair please click here.

Download the Zepp Golf App on your iOS device:

  • Download Zepp Golf for your iPhone from the app store. 

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

  • Under "My Watch" section, scroll down until you see "Zepp Golf"

  • Tap on Zepp Golf and make sure that the "Show App on Apple Watch" is enabled.



At this point the Zepp Golf app will be installed on the Apple Watch.



Viewing your swings on Apple Watch

  • On the watch press the crown button to show all watch apps.

  • Tap on the Zepp Golf app on the Apple Watch.

  • If you see the following screen then you have to login to the Zepp Golf app on your iPhone. Please do so at this time.


  • On the mobile device tap "Training" icon then tab on "3D swing analysis" 

  • Connect/Pair the Zepp 1 or Zepp 2 sensor to your mobile device.

  • Take your swings.

  • All your swing metrics will appear on the Apple Watch.


For more information on Zepp Golf for Apple Watch check out our FAQ here.

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