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Sometimes when updating the sensor firmware, the signal can be interrupted, and the sensor will get stuck in a firmware update. Luckily, such issues are able to be resolved in 99% of cases where they occur.

If you see two LEDs alternating on the sensor, this means that the sensor is stuck in a firmware update. Before we start troubleshooting, please make sure that your sensor has a decent battery charge. If the alternating LED pattern has drained the battery, please make sure to put the sensor on the charger and leave it on for a full 2-3 hours. After that, you can remove the sensor from the charger and continue with the steps below.

Manufacturer Reset:

First, we need to manufacturer reset the sensor. To do this, please complete the following steps:

1) Hard reset the Zepp sensor. To do so, make sure the sensor is powered on and then press and hold the sensor button for a full 10 seconds until the LEDs on the sensor freeze in place.

2) Once the LEDs freeze, let go of the sensor button and the sensor will turn off.

3) Once the hard reset is complete and the sensor is off, hold the sensor button for a full 20 seconds. Once you see 2 LED lights blinking side by side *while you're still holding the button down* you can release the sensor button as the manufacture reset is then complete.

Once you release the button, the LEDs should go back to scrolling across the sensor. This means the manufacturer reset worked. If the LEDs do not resume scrolling, then the procedure was done incorrectly and you'll need to re-try it.

 Once the sensor has been manufacturer reset, we can move onto our troubleshooting steps.

Firmware Troubleshooting:

After the sensor is reset, please do all of the following steps in order:

1) Forget/Unpair the Zepp and all other devices in the Bluetooth list in your device's Bluetooth settings menu. *This includes any and all devices that show up but are not currently connected. These pairing can always be re-established later on.

Turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device.

3) Close any unneeded apps running in the background on your mobile device.

4) Fully turn off mobile device, then turn it back on. 

5) Turn Bluetooth back on, and connect the sensor in your Bluetooth settings.

6) Enter the Zepp app again, and go to the My Sensor menu from the 3D swing screen and make sure the sensor is connected in the app.

Once the manufacturer reset and the steps above are complete, all we need to do is run through the update one more time. You can find the steps for completing the update below:

Completing the Firmware Update:

Do the following to complete the firmware update:

1) Start the Firmware update again, following the steps on the screen until you see either "Select Accessory" or the app tells you Bluetooth connection was lost and the update failed. Don't get discouraged, we can still complete the update, even if the app shows "Failed!"

2) Exit the app and go back to the Bluetooth settings in your device's settings menu. The sensor will no longer be paired, but will still be in the list of Bluetooth devices.

3) Tap on the sensor in the Bluetooth list to repair it. Then re-enter the app (clear the "Bluetooth failed" notification screen if it is still present in the app).

4) Tap the sensor icon near the top left of the 3D swing screen to go back to the My Sensor menu (if you didn't start on the My Sensor menu when re-entering the app). You should have an option to "continue update." Please do so.

5) Once the update starts, you should see a progress bar with a % in it. This is what you want to be seeing. At this point, the sensor should be able to finish the firmware update. If you go through the update and get a "Success" message, then the update was completed correctly!

Once completed, the sensor will be up-to-date and ready to start recording swings again.

If this process does not work, then it's likely that just a few additional steps are needed, as we can resolve firmware update issues in 99% of cases. If you need to run through these additional steps, please email us by sending an email through our web submission form.

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