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Welcome to Zepp, now that you have a Zepp Sensor you’re ready to unlock secrets to your swing. This guide is intended to get you from first receiving the product, to capturing your first swing. Each Zepp kit comes with a USB charger, a bat mount, and a Zepp sensor. Let’s get started!

1. Charge your Sensor

  1. Remove plastic film from the back side of the Zepp sensor
  2. Insert the USB charger into any USB port and place the sensor into the charger
  3. Allow sensor to fully charge prior to use to avoid any issues. A full charge may take up to 2.5 hours to complete, and the sensor will indicate it is fully charged when all 10 LED lights are pulsating every 6 seconds

2. Download the Free App (iOS or Android)
  1. Locate either the App Store or Play Store (iOS / Android respectively) and open it
  2. In the search bar, search Zepp Baseball
  3. Select either Get, Download, or the cloud icon (Varies depending on device) to begin the download 

3. Setup your Zepp Account
  1. Open up the app, and select “Get Started”
  2. Select “Use Zepp Sensor”
  3. Choose whether you would like to create your account using an Email address or Facebook
  4. Setup your account by inputting height, box position and bat information

4. Turn on your Sensor
  1. Ensure sensor is fully charged
  2. Remove sensor from USB charger. The sensor will automatically power off once removed from a power source
  3. Push the button inward from the corner towards the center of the sensor and hold for 4 seconds. All of the LED lights will flash as it turns on

5. Connect your Sensor
  1. Once the sensor is fully charged, exit the Zepp app and enter your mobile devices Settings 
  2. Select Bluetooth and turn it on
  3. Find the Zepp sensor and select it. You will receive a pairing request to sync, select Pair
  4. Once paired, your mobile device will show the sensor as "Paired" or "Connected." This may vary depending on the mobile device that is being used 
  • The sensor can only be paired via Bluetooth to one device at a time. If you would like to pair the sensor to an alternative mobile device, you must first un-pair the sensor from your current mobile device

6. Mount your Sensor
  1. Attach the mount to the your bat knob as shown in the image below. Ensure mount is secure with the base of the mount flush to the base of the bat for best results

7. Calibrate your Sensor
  1. Enter the Zepp Baseball App
  2. The app will automatically connect to the sensor and you'll see a sensor icon blink on the top of the home screen indicating the sensor is connecting
  3. Once Connected, the icon will become solid and you will be asked to calibrate your sensor
  4. Select Calibrate and hold still for 3 seconds in order to successfully calibrate
  5. We recommend doing this once a day for the most accurate results. Once calibrated, the sensor will be ready to capture swings
  • Anytime you wish to recalibrate the sensor, tap the yellow sensor icon located at the top of the 3D view

8. Start Swinging at a Ball! 
  1. Select “Capture Your First Swing” located in the top of the Home Screen to open the 3D view
  2. Select the bat you are swinging with in the app by selecting the bat selector icon located in the top of the 3D view
  3. Once a bat is selected, step up to the plate and swing at a ball! Each swing where contact is made with a ball will automatically download into the app and the avatar will replay your swing in 3D

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