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Prior to use, we recommend fully charging the sensor which takes 2-3 hours. The sensor is fully charged when the LED light rotation on the charger shows all 10 LED lights fading in and out as shown below.

Removing your Zepp sensor from the charger will cause the sensor's LED lights to disappear down to one blinking LED, followed by the sensor powering down. Once the sensor powers down, do the following in order to begin capturing your swings: 

1) Download the Zepp Golf app in either the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store. (Android) Click Here for more details.
2) Create your Zepp account. The first screen you will see when entering the Zepp Tennis app allows you to either select Get Started or Login. New users will want to select Get Started to create a new account. Users can either use their email, or create an account using Facebook.
3)  Once your account is created, turn on the Zepp sensor on by holding the multi-function button for 4 seconds. Click Here for more details.
4) Pair the Zepp sensor to your iOS/Android phone or tablet via bluetooth. Click Here for more details.

5) Place the Zepp sensor into the mount of your choice, and attach the mount to your racket. Mounting the sensor correctly is required for accurate tracking so be sure to align the sensor and mount correctly on your racket. Click Here for more details.
6) Open the Zepp Tennis app and you will see a sensor icon in the top of the home screen blinking yellow for up to 10 seconds indicating that the sensor is connecting to the app. Once the sensor connects, the icon will become solid yellow, as shown below, and the app will prompt you to calibrate. Be sure that the sensor has been insered correctly into the tennis mount and your racket is placed on a flat surface at the time of calibration to ensure the sensor successfully calibrates. We recommend calibrating the Zepp sensor once prior to your session. Click Here for more details.


7) Select Start Play Tracking from the home screen. At the bottom, you will see the ability to select "Start" to begin your session.
8) Once start has been selected, put your phone away and play! All swing data will be stored locally on the sensor until it reconnects with your phone.

After completing the steps above you will only need to complete steps 6, 7 and 8 to capture future sessions since all other steps are only required once. 

Once your session is complete, open the Zepp Tennis app and select “Sync Data” once the sensor reconnects to the app to begin syncing your session. Once the sync is complete you will be asked whether the session was a practice or match. If the session was a match you will be asked whether it was singles or doubles and if you won or lost.

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