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Zepp Golf Apple Watch - Track Your Round Or Driving Range Session With Sensor

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Do the following to track your strokes in a play session:
  • On the Apple Watch, launch the Zepp Golf app.
  • If the watch asks you to register first, then open the Zepp Golf app on your iPhone and confirm you are logged in. Once the watch and phone app are in sync, the Start Round / Start Range screen is displayed on the watch.
  • Type "-> Use Sensor", turn on the switc­­her, then connect your sensor to the Apple Watch.
  • Once the sensor is connected, you will be led to the home screen automatically.
  • Tap Start Round or Start Range to display the countdown and then the Swing screen.
  • After every stroke, just lift up your wrist to see your swing score, club plane, hand plane, tempo, backswing, hand speed (in Range mode) and club speed (in Range mode).
  • When a value is green, it indicates an area that is near to your goals. When a value is yellow, it indicates an area that is not matching your goal and may need improvement. When a value is red, it indicates an area that is far from your goal and needs significant improvement. Goals can be adjusted in the Settings section of the Profile tab of the iPhone app.
  • Swipe right to view the Control Center. You can display a map of your location during a round or change clubs on the driving range, then swipe back to the Swing screen.
  • When play is over, swipe right to the Control Center and Tap “X” to end the session.
  • The session summary includes detailed health metrics along with the average and consistency score for swing score, club plane, hand plane, tempo, backswing and average club speed of all kinds of clubs used during session. Consistency is based on how uniform your swings are. If the values generated for most of your swings are close to the average, the consistency for that statistic will be green. If the values generated by your swings vary widely, the consistency for that statistic will be yellow or red.
  • You can check the summary on your phone. Choose the History icon in the upper right of the Record tab, then choose the Round or Driving Range section.

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