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Track Your Tennis With Amazfit Stratos Multisport GPS Smartwatch

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Track your play without a Zepp Tennis 2 sensor using the new Amazfit Stratos multisport GPS smartwatch. Your stroke breakdown and fitness statistics are just a ‘glance’ away. No sensor required.

Install the Amazfit Watch app and connect your smartwatch as described in the Amazfit support site. Make sure your watch software has the latest updates.

To record a play session, press the main button on the Amazfit Stratos and swipe left to access the list of sports, choose Tennis, indicate your racquet hand, then choose Go. Be sure to wear your smartwatch on the arm you use to swing the racquet to track strokes with maximum accuracy.

During play, lift up your wrist to see your stroke count, play time, calories burned, and heart rate. When the session is over, press a button to view the Control Center and choose Save. The session summary includes detailed fitness metrics and a breakdown of your forehands, backhands, and serves. Swipe left or choose Save on the watch to transfer the session to the Amazfit Watch and Zepp Tennis apps.

To view your session summary in the Amazfit Watch app, choose the Sport tab, then the Tennis session.

View Tennis Sessions In The Zepp Tennis App

You can also integrate sessions recorded on the Amazfit Stratos into the complete Tennis experience available in the Zepp Tennis app.

To launch the Zepp Tennis app, choose the Zepp Tennis banner in the Details tab of the Tennis session summary on the Amazfit Watch app. If needed, install the Zepp Tennis app. If you are not logged into Zepp Tennis, choose ‘Log In With Amazfit’. If you are logged into Zepp Tennis with a non-Amazift account, choose ‘Switch Account’ from the popup.

To view your session summary in the Zepp Tennis app, choose the Practice section of the History tab, then choose the Tennis session.

Within the Zepp Tennis app you can also record practices and matches, create highlight videos with special effects and voice overs, compete on leaderboards, follow friends, and share your Tennis experiences to the feed.

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