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Tips For Recording Photos & Video

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What to capture

  • Be ready - Great highlights begin with great, raw footage, captured at just the right moment. Make sure to launch the Round Record mode when you start a round or practice, and snap pictures or videos on each hole, tagging with the hole number and club so Highlights can overlay that information.
  • Tee to green - The tee-box and putting green are particularly good locations to snap photos and videos of your playing partners, or to ask someone to record your swing. Make sure to stand directly behind the golfer to ensure the effects render properly in Highlights, but always ask their permission first.

How to capture

  • Perfect the shot - Just like your golf swing, solid filming technique is critical for a great end result, so make sure you record from behind the golfer and have him or her fully in the frame, with good lighting. The ideal length video is about 10 seconds long, including a second or two before and after the swing.
  • Swing recognition - No sensor, no problem! Zepp Golf now includes innovative video recognition technology that automatically records and crops your swing on the course. Click on the camera icon from the Round or Driving Range Record screen, select Smart Cap, frame the golfer, and swing away!
  • Manual capture - If you want more control, click the gear icon within the capture screen and select Manual Capture. This will allow you to choose the exact start of the video, which will record for 5 or 13 seconds, depending on your settings.
  • Swing metrics - For the most complete and impressive highlight clip, use a Zepp sensor to automatically trigger video capture and record your swing metrics, which you can embed in your final highlight video.

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