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What is Highlights?

Highlights is a fun way to enhance any tennis swing video with graphical and audio overlays that will be sure to wow your buddies. This guide walks you through each step in generating an awesome highlight clip with Highlights.


  • Record - Great highlights begin with great, raw footage, captured at just the right moment. Launch the Record mode in Zepp Tennis 2.0 when you start a match, and capture videos, tagging with score and shot results so Highlights can overlay that information. When you use a sensor during the match, the videos can be captured automatically. Otherwise, use the camera icon in a match or on the Record tab to manually capture a 5 second clip. The highlights available will depend on which type of clip you have.


The slowmo and freeze frame themes are especially appropriate to enhance videos of serves, and can be added to any manually captured clip. Automatically captured clips of an entire rally can use the normal theme to replicate the look of a TV broadcast. 
  • Slowmo - View your swing in ultra slow motion with this effect, just like you see on television. Simply slide the first contact marker to ensure the effect is timed correctly with your contact point and Highlights will do the rest.
  • Freeze frame - This effect places emphasis on the point of impact, freezing your swing at the exact point you make contact. Choose this effect if you want to highlight a noteworthy impact position.


The ball tracer is designed to enhance videos of serves, and can be added to any manually captured clip. Audio voiceovers can be added to automatically captured clips of an entire rally to replicate the sound in a TV broadcast.
  • Ball tracer - Highlight your ball's path and add some extra excitement with the ball tracer effect. If the path Zepp chooses isn't perfect, you can adjust the start, apex and landing locations for your tracer.

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