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Settings can be accessed by selecting the Settings gear located in the  top left of your Profile page. Settings allows you to change the following features:  


My Account

Your personal information can be updated within My Account, including First Name, Last Name, Username, Gender, Handedness, Height, and Weight. Account info is also displayed here, including email, phone number and Facebook account, if used for registration. If you have a data connection, your password can be updated from the bottom of the page. 

My Sensor

View a list of sensors near by, and manage your paired sensor by editing its name, updating firmware, or disconnecting it from the application.


This function allows users to select whether they would like the units in the app to be shown by the imperial system or the metric system's measurements.

Camera Settings

This menu allows you to choose between 30fps and 120fps for manual video capture as well as smart capture. The higher frame rate creates sharper slow motion, but larger file sizes.

Storage & Sync

View the amount of storage the Zepp app is using on your device for videos and within cached. Click on a storage type to either delete all storage or delete all but the most recent 30 days. From the Cloud menu option, you can enable Only Sync On Wifi to reduce your data plan consumption.


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Learn more about your sensor, mount, scorekeeping, and court management from this screen. You can also access customer service through this screen.

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