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The match report is available after you've completed recording a match, including the following useful information

  • Match scores, location, time played, and date.
  • Opponents
  • Video - Tap the dropdown to view video moments of interest or all videos.
    • If videos were recorded during the match, the app automatically creates a Highlight Reel.
    • Individual highlight videos can be enhanced with special effects and shared to the Zepp Tennis Feed and social networks.
  • Stats - Head-to-Head Game Stats are available if Advanced Scorekeeping is using during a match.
    • 1st serve %
    • 2nd serve %
    • 1st serve points won
    • 2nd serve points won
    • Return points won
    • Break points won
    • Aces
    • Double faults
    • Winners
    • Forced errors
    • Unforced errors
  • Individual stats - Individual stroke stats are tracked for each player who synced a sensor from the match. Tap the Game Stats dropdown and select a player to view.
    • Total strokes
    • Sweet spot %
    • Active time
    • Calories
    • Stroke Details - Detailed stroke stats are tracked by stroke type.
      • Distribution of strokes by forehand, backhand, smash, serve, and volley. Tap each stroke to view detailed stats.
      • Distribution of spin type for each stroke type, including topspin, drive, and slice.
      • Avg ball spin by stroke type
      • Sweet spot % by stroke type
      • Avg. ball speed by stroke type
      • Max ball speed by stroke type

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