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Tips For Recording Video

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What to capture

  • Be ready - Great highlights begin with great, raw footage, captured at just the right moment. Make sure to launch the Record mode in Zepp Tennis 2.0 when you start a match, and capture as many video clips as possible.
  • Serve - Capture that winning ace or killer return by filming your service game. Make sure to position your camera behind the baseline, at head height or above, so effects render properly in Highlights.
  • Rallies - Highlights don't just happen during a match, so set your phone up during practice rallies to capture that next amazing ground stroke or volley.
  • Bench footage - If you really want to take your highlights reels to the next level with memorable content, start capturing those non-playing moments on the court from the bench, while your partners are gearing up, catching a breath, or unwinding after playing.

How to capture

  • Perfect the shot - Just like your tennis swing, solid filming technique is critical for a great end result, so make sure you have the camera positioned high enough to view the whole court, but not too far to lose detail. The ideal length video is about 10 seconds long, including a second or two before and after the swing.
  • Tag score and results - Input your match score and tag shot results throughout the game so that you can better analyze your performance and so Highlights can overlay that information in your highlight reel.
  • Smart rally capture - Pair a Zepp sensor to automatically record and crop video on every swing. At least one sensor is needed for singles and at least two sensors for at least one side is needed for doubles.
  • Swing metrics - For the most complete and impressive highlight clip, use a Zepp sensor to automatically trigger video capture and record your swing metrics, which you can embed in your final highlight video.

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