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Inviting Players To A Match

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Invite your playing partners to join you in Zepp to record video, track scores, and view match results.

How to add a playing partner who is currently registered on Zepp

  1. Once you have selected your court from the Record tab and tapped Start, you will be able to add partners and opponents to your match.
  2. Start by tapping the "+ Opponent" button on the screen.
  3. Enter the player's name, email address, or phone number and tap enter. You can also review a list of suggested people you may know, or connect with Facebook to find friends currently registered on Zepp. 
  4. If your opponent is already registered on Zepp, you will see a plus icon next to his or her name in the search results. Click the avatar with the plus icon and the player will be invited.

Import your Facebook friends
  1. From the Find Friends screen, tap the Facebook tab.
  2. Tap the Connect Facebook button, and proceed to authenticate your Facebook account.
  3. Your contacts will either appear in the top section, among those who are already registered on Zepp, or the bottom half, among those you will need to invite.
  4. Find the opponent you would like to add and tap the Invite button to his or her name. This contact will receive and invitation sent to the email address associated with his or her Facebook account.

Once you have added an opponent, you will see one of the following statuses next to his or her avatar:
  • In game - This player has accepted the invitation. The game owner can no longer remove the opponent, nor record a score for the opponent, but can tag the opponent when capturing video

  • Complete - This player has completed the current game. He or she can no longer be removed and his or her score can no longer be edited.

  • Pending - This player has not accepted the invitation, so the game creator can remove him or her, as well as record the player's score. All players in this game can tag the pending player when capturing video.

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