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Before you record or upload your next rally or match on the Record tab, you'll first start by checking into a court or creating a new court if one does not exist at your current location. Follow these steps to check in at a court or to add a new court:

  • Check in to a court
    1. Tap the drop down menu in the center of the screen to view courts located in your immediate vicinity. If your court is not listed, drag the map to find other courts in your area, and then click on the icon.
    2. Select the court you will be playing at or follow the steps below to add a new court. Once you have selected a court, the leaderboard stats will update to reflect the top singles and double players at the court from the Zepp community.
    3. Tap Start to continue with the Record setup or tap the clipboard icon to add a past match.
  • How to add a court
    • If you are unable to locate your court, you can create a new court by tapping the dropdown menu, and then tapping "Create New Location" at the bottom of the menu.
    • Next, you will name the location.
    • Tap Create Location and your court will now be available for use.

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