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The New Balance Hit Club is a new feature in Zepp Baseball that allows you to participate in leaderboards and challenges and to compete with others around the world. There will be new challenges once every month. Every batter that participates and agree to the terms below are eligible to enter.

There will be new challenges at the start of each month. The challenges last until the end of the month. Winners will be announced by New Balance approximately ten (10) days after the challenge is over.

There are leaderboards for each challenge. Once you participate in a challenge you'll automatically get ranked amongst your peers to see who is the top batter for that challenge. Ensure that your location services are enabled for the Zepp Baseball in order to locate other batters in your area.

After completing a challenge you'll have an option to share your results on social media for bragging rights. 

All swings taken with a sensor within the Training tab, including NBHitClub challenges, count toward earning Achievements. These can also be shared on social media.

For more info on New Balance hit club please check out our FAQ

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