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Course Mode is only available on the iPad.

On the iPhone and Android, Course Mode has been replaced by the ability to capture a round via the Record tab. Capture sensor swings on the course on an iPhone or Android device by selecting the Record tab, connecting your sensor, choosing a golf course, and tapping the Play button. Summary metrics for the entire Round are displayed in the Round Report after the game. 

On the iPad, Course mode helps you measure consistency during actual rounds in addition to the range for full golf swings. Practice swings are not counted for course mode.

Simply turn on the Zepp 2 sensor and start taking swings on the the course. You don't need the app or mobile device in order to capture swings. 

Once you're done taking swings, open up the app and tap into course mode feature to begin syncing your data.

The swings will automatically sync all your data from the sensor to the app. 

Course mode will show how consistent your swings are on the course by measuring club plane, hand plane, tempo and backswing. The consistency metric has also been incorporated into the overall score.

You can also compare your rounds from different courses. 

There are two ways to capture data in course mode. 

Turn on Zepp Sensor and go Play:
  • Turn the Zepp 2 sensor on and go play a round. Once your done playing your round connect the sensor to the app and go into course mode. All your data will sync to app automatically. Depending on how many swings you have on the sensor please allow all the data to sync from the sensor to the app.

Capture swings while in Course Mode
  • Connect the Zepp 2 sensor to the app.
  • Tap on course mode feature from the training screen
  • Tap on cours mode
  • Tap on "start round"
  • Once you capture at least 3 swings the "preview" option will be available to see how your doing with your consistency. 
  • Once you're done with your round tap on "end round"
  • The data will sync from the sensor to the app to present you with your consistency numbers

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