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Downloading the Zepp Play Soccer App

 You will need to download the free Zepp Play Soccer app to use your sensor or  the video feature.

1. Tap on the App Store or Google Play icon on your iOS or Android device. 
2. In the search toolbox, enter Zepp Play Soccer. 
3. There will be an icon with an add feature that says “Free” for iOS users  and “Install” for Android users. Click this icon. A new green icon will  appear asking “Install App”.  Tap it.  
4. Once the download is complete you can find Zepp Play Soccer app on your device.
Battery Life and Charging 

It is recommended to fully charge the sensor prior to use. This may take up to 2 hours for a full charge and is indicated with a green LED light on the charging dock.  The battery will last up to 40 days if unused, or 40 hours of game tracking.

Setup Your Account

1. Locate and open the Zepp Play Soccer app.
2. Select whether you would like to log in with Facebook or with an email.
3. At the bottom of the screen, select Sign Up to create a new account
4. Input your personal information to ensure the highest accuracy when use during Play Tracking

Connect Your Sensor

1. Connect your sensor during the onboarding process or after creating your account. If you would like to connect when creating your account, start at step (2) below. If you finished your account creation previously without pairing the sensor, select the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the app followed by tapping the sensor located in the top right.
2. Select the top icon of the pair of sensors.
3. Using your mobile device, align the camera steadily over the QR code on the back of your sensor to pair.
4. Select the player’s dominant leg and label the sensor using a sticker provided in the Zepp Play Soccer package.

Insert Sensor Into Calf Sleeve

1. Locate the sleeve with the best fit to your leg and turn it inside out. (S/M and L/XL sleeve included in Zepp Play Soccer Box)
2. Insert the sensor upright into the pocket so that when you are wearing the sleeve the barcode faces in towards your calf.
3. Fully cover the sensor with the cloth pocket and turn the sleeve right side in.

Put The Calf Sleeve On

1. Roll the sleeve down, stretch it wide, then pull it over your heel in one motion and pull it up to just under your knee.
2. Position the sleeve so that the sensor is centered on the backside of your calf.

Play a Game!

1. In the Game Screen of the Zepp Play Soccer app, tap “+” and select Start Quick Game
2. Once the sensor connects, select I’m Ready
3. To begin recording, select Kick Off and your sensor will begin recording your game!

Follow steps in the next section to learn more about the benefits of each mode!

Now your are ready to capture data from a game! There are three ways in which you can do this:
1. Quick Play Mode - Use this mode if you are practicing with just yourself to track your own stats.

2. Team Game Mode - Use this mode if you have 2 or more players and you want to track team stats along with leaderboard functionality.

3. Join a Game - This mode allows you to join a game with another Zepp Play Soccer user with a sensor. Click here for more details.


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