Assign a sensor to a player on your team

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The sensor has to be assigned to the player in order to play. Once the sensor is assigned, the sensor can be activated before the soccer match.

For more info on how to create a team game please go here.

How to assign a sensor to a player:
  1. Go to your profile menu
  2. Tap on team
  3. Tap on your team name
  4. Select the player that you want to assign a sensor to
  5. Tap on the edit button
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the menu to the "assign sensor" section
  7. Tap on the + sign
  8. Tap on sensor that you have listed
  9. The green check mark indicates that the sensor is assigned to player
  10. Hit the back button
  11. Under "Assigned Sensor" you will see the sensor ID listed
  12. Tap on "save" in the top right corner
  13. Under the player profile you'll see the sensor assigned to the player.
  14. Go back to "Games" menu
  15. Tap on the scheduled game you wish to start
  16. Notice that the player has a "check mark" next to his name
  17. Tap on "activate sensors"
  18. Once sensor is activated tap on "I'm Ready"
  19. Tap on "kick off" to begin the match


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