How to capture video highlights

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Taking video highlight in Zepp Play Soccer allows you to capture the most important moments of your soccer game. 

Taking videos in quick game mode:

During game tracking mode tap on the "take video" button. Allow Zepp Soccer to gain access to your camera by tapping on "allow".

In video record mode during the soccer game, tap on the red video capture button. This will record everything that occurred in the last 10 seconds before the Video Capture button was pressed, so you can make sure you don't miss important highlights. 

Please note: In the settings menu you can change the capture length to 8, 10, or 12 secs. By default the capture button is set to 10 seconds.

When you take a highlight the "tag event" menu will appear. Choose from any one of the following events that we have specified. If you don't see the event that best fits your video select other. Once recorded, the video will appear in your Video Library tab of that game.


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