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The profile statistics will show all your stats from all game modes. All stats that you have accumulated from quick games, team games or games that you have joined with your friends.

Team:  Check team leader boards, stats and metrics for teams that you have joined or created. 

Sensor Management: Check sensor status of battery and firmware update.

Overall Statistics: All personal stats that combined from different game modes ...i.e individual game, joined game or team game modes.

Library: Shows all the highlight reels from all games that you created or joined.

Win Rate: The number of games that you have won based on data entered on the edit score menu after you tap on "end game"

Personal Best: Personal bests for each game played.
  • Longest Distance - longest distance ran in a game.
  • Max Speed - Max speed ran in a game
  • Most Kicks - The number of kicks you have total
  • Most Sprints - The number of sprints you have for all games 
  • Max Kick Speed - Max speed of your kicks.

Kicks : Total number of kicks with the average per game.

Distance : Total number of distance you ran in miles along with your average per game. 

Sprints : Total sprints per game along with average sprints.

Goals : The number of goals that were tagged during a game, along with your average goals made per game. 

Goal Conversion Rate : This number is based on the percentage of goals made in relation to total number of shots taken. These stats are based upon player content being tagged within the app during the game.

Foul: This number is based on the number of fouls tagged "yellow" or "red" in a game.

Active Time: Total time of gameplay

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