How to join a game

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In Zepp Play Soccer you can join a game of another Zepp play soccer user.
 Please note make sure "Location Services" is enabled to use this feature.
All players that join in a game need Zepp Play Soccer sensor(s) to participate in a match.

There are 2 ways to join a game. 

Automatically detecting a game near you:
  1. Player A starts a game.
  2. Player B opens the app and will see the match broadcasting in the games menu. 
  3. Player B taps on game notification to enter game. 
  4. Player B and Player A will see a list of players in the game.

Manually entering a game using a game code:
  1. Player A starts a game by tapping on "start quick game"
  2. Player A enables "Multi-Player Game" option.
  3. The 4 digit game code will appear. 
  4. Player A can give the code to any player with a sensor to join his/her game.
  5. Player B taps on "join quick game"
  6. Enters the code from Player A
  7. Now both players are in the game.

After the game is over, you can see each player's stats by selecting the name in the filter option.


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