Individual Game Statistics

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The Game Report includes statistics for each player’s performance. Select the player’s name from the dropdown in the top center to display the player’s statistics. For information on the statistics for the entire team click here. 


Critical statistics are displayed on charts that show activity throughout the game. Each bar on the charts represent 5 minutes of activity. The height of the bar indicates the amount of activity in those 5 minutes, including distance covered, number or kicks, and number of sprints.

Game Statistics include:

Distance : Includes total distance covered during the game, a chart with the distance covered in each 5 minute interval, and a breakdown of the total distance covered walking, running, and sprinting.

Kicks : Includes total number of full kicks with the primary foot during the game, and a chart with the number of those kicks in each 5 minute interval.

Sprints : Includes total number of times the player accelerated to a sprint during the game, and a chart with the number of those sprints in each 5 minute interval.

Max Speed : The top sprint speed during the game.

Kick Speed : The top foot speed in a kick during the game.

Dominant Foot : The number of kicks recorded with each foot during the game.

Active Time : Total minutes of active time during the game.

Goal Conversion Rate : The number of goals and shot attempts tagged to the player during the game, along with the player’s goal conversion percentage.

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