Smart Bat - Getting Started

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To start, put your Zepp 2 sensor into the Smart Bat and lock it with the Smart Bat key to ensure that the sensor is securely placed into the bat. 

Step 1: Place the Zepp 2 sensor into the Smart Bat.

Step 2:
The smart bat key (included with Smart bat) is needed to help lock the sensor into place.


Step 3: Put the Smart Bat key into the sensor.

Step 4: Turn the key counter clock wise until the sensor locks into place. 

Step 5: The Zepp 2 sensor is now locked into place and ready to use. 


- Charging the Smart Bat -

You can charge the sensor while in the Smart Bat or removed from the Smart Bat cavity. For more info on how to charge the Zepp 2 sensor please click here

- Connect the Smart Bat to Zepp Baseball -

Once your Zepp 2 sensor is fully charged you can connect the sensor in the app as you would normally. For more info on connecting your Zepp 2 sensor, please go here.

- Capture swings with your Smart Bat -

Before capturing a swing, make sure to select the 'Smart Bat' as your current Bat within the app. To add a bat into your app, tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, followed by "Bats." once added into the app, make sure you have the Smart Bat selected while on the 3D swing screen. For more help capturing swings with the Zepp 2 sensor please click here

What not to do with your Smart Bat

There are a few things to avoid doing with your smart bat when your Zepp 2 sensors is in the bat. The following could damage your sensor and thus void your sensor's warranty, as the product warranty does not cover instances of physical damage.

1) We know Baseball and Softball are games of passion, but that doesn’t mean you should throw or slam your bat, even though the sensor is secured within the bat. Throwing or slamming your bat down, hitting equipment, or hitting it against things like a wall all have the possibility of breaking your sensor or damaging the accelerometers inside. Please do not do this with your Smart Bat.

2) It is common for players to use a bat weights when warming up. We highly discourage use of a bat weights with your smart bat. If you remove the bat weight by hitting the knob of the bat on the ground (as nearly all players tend to do), you will probably break your sensor. Please do not do this with your Smart Bat.

3) If you use the knob of your bat to attempt to clean your spikes, especially metal, you will probably break your sensor. Do not do this with your Smart Bat.

4) Do not put anything inside the Smart Bat insert-cavity other than your Zepp sensor. Putting anything else in their could damage the insert cup and not allow the sensor to lock into the bat properly.

5) Do not use anything other than the Smart Bat Key or Zepp magnetic charger to lock and unlock the sensor in the Smart Bat. Attempting to remove the sensor without one or the other could damage the sensor.


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