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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Zepp sensor is compatible with the Apple Watch app?

    Zepp Golf for Apple Watch is compatible with the Zepp 1 and Zepp 2 sensor.
  2. What kind of user experience can I expect with the Watch app vs the mobile device app?

    You'll be able to access your swing history, change clubs and view all your metrics on your wrist for an easy and intuitive way. 
  3. When I take a swing the Apple Watch doesn't update right away, can I improve the performance of the Zepp Golf app?

    Changing the wake screen time can help improve performance and decrease latency. Go to the Apple watch app on your iPhone/iPad go to My Watch > General > Wake Screen > Tap on "Wake for 70 seconds".  Changing this setting will ensure that your watch will not go to sleep while you take a swing, therefore updating metrics to the watch will have less latency. Please note, enabling this setting can increase battery usage on the Apple watch.
  4. Can I switch my clubs within the Watch app?

    Yes. You can switch clubs from the Watch and it will update the Zepp Golf app on iPhone for your next swing.

  5. Can I view my swing history?

    Yes. You can see your swing history from the Watch app. You can see up to 5 swings at a time.
  6. Is there an Apple Watch companion app for Zepp Baseball?

    No. At this time there is no Apple Watch companion app for Zepp Baseball.
  7. What type of metrics can I see on the Apple Watch?

    You can see all the same metrics as the iPhone version of the Zepp Golf app. 
  8. Can I see my speed chart on the Apple Watch app?

    No. Speed chart is not supported on the Apple Watch at this time. 
  9. Every time I take a swing my golf glove hits the Apple Watch crown and home button, can this be avoided?

    Yes. We recommend to move the Apple Watch up your wrist towards your elbow to avoid any conflict with the watch and your golf glove. 
  10. What new ways can I use the Zepp Golf using my Apple Watch?

    With Zepp Golf on the Apple Watch a golfer can go through a game without taking out his smartphone. Simply lock your phone within our app by tapping on the 3 dots in the right hand corner of the 3D Analysis screen and put the phone in your pocket. Viewing swing metrics, changing clubs, and viewing your swing history can help you concentrate on your game with less distractions. 


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