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Bluetooth Troubleshooting - Zepp 2

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We're sorry to hear you are having some difficulties. Generally this type of issue occurs when the sensor does not have an adequate battery level. With that said, please charge your Zepp 2 sensor for at least 1.5 - 2 hours (until you see a solid green LED on the charger while the sensor is plugged in) prior to use to ensure that the sensor is fully charged.

If after fully charging the sensor you continue to have this issue, make sure sensor is powered on and please try the following:

1) Fully power off and restart your iOS/Android device by holding down the power button and completely shutting off the device, then powering it back on.
2) Turn off Bluetooth on all other iOS and Android devices nearby.
3) Unpair all bluetooth devices from your phone/tablet. On iOS, tap on the "i" next to the Zepp in your Bluetooth device list, and select "Forget this Device". For Android OS, select "gear" icon next to the Zepp in the Bluetooth list and select "Unpair."
4) Perform a hard reset of your sensor. To complete a hard reset of the Zepp 2 sensor make sure the sensor is powered off, then press and hold the multi-function button for approximately 10 seconds. After holding for about 10 seconds the sensor LED will flash white. Make sure to let go of the button while the sensor is still flashing white. If you see a red LED on the sensor, the button was held for too long, and you'll need to try again. After you let go of the multi-function button, the sensor will continue to flash white, indicating the reset is complete.
5) Make sure that your phone/tablet's OS is up to date.
6) Delete and reinstall the app.
7) Test the sensor by trying to connect it in the app on a different mobile device. If the sensor and app function properly on another device, your specific mobile device is likely the cause of the problem.

If you continue to experience this issue after trying the above steps please let us know.

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