Why do the video tips and drills play without sound on my iOS device?

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In order to hear the audio on videos in the Zepp Golf app on an iOS device, you must make sure your device is not in Silent Mode. This is by far the most common cause for the training videos within the app to play without sound.

To switch any iPhone, or iPad (excluding iPad Air 2 - see note below) out of Silent mode, simply flip the switch on the side of your device to normal mode as shown below. Once the switch has been toggled accordingly, the sound will play for all videos found in the app. 

Please note: There is no physical sound control switch on the iPad Air 2. All sound options on this version of iPad are controlled through the Control Center menus on your iOS device. To ensure your iPad Air 2 is not in Silent Mode, you must open the bottom menu by sliding your finger upward, starting from just above the bottom-center edge of the phone/tablet screen. This will open the Control Center menu. Tap the bell-shaped icon (shown below) to toggle your iPad Air 2 out of Silent Mode. 

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