Why is there so much variance in the Bat Speed Impact metric?

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Having variation with the metric Bat Speed at Impact is a very typical situation for amateur batters when using the Zepp sensor. This is because the metric shown in the app is the bat speed at impact rather than their max bat speed. Speed fluctuations can vary for batters even when it feels as if they are swinging at the same speed. The variance can be explained if you were to begin viewing the swing speed chart, and comparing your max bat speed to the impact speed. To see the speed chart, simply enter the Bat Speed Impact's focus screen as shown below.

Once "Chart" is selected, you will have a detailed graph that shows your swing speed over the course of the swing, as well as the max speed of the swing. Make use of this feature by working on maxing out your bat speed when impacting the ball!

For more information on the speed chart, see the following video:

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