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The most common reason for unsuccessful calibration is having offline mode swing data is stored on the sensor. When the sensor is powered on and not connected to the Zepp app it can still capture swing data and store this data on its flash storage. In order to determine whether this is the cause for the failed calibration, open the Zepp app and view the 3D view with the sensor powered on and connected. If your device automatically starts to capture swings without use, this indicates the unit has offline mode data stored on it and the data must sync prior to being used. 

Alternatively, too much movement during the calibration process can cause the unit to fail calibration as the sensor must be in a stable position to calibrate properly. Place the sensor on a firm surface such as the ground and calibrate.  If you are not successful in calibrating the device after doing so, follow the steps below:

1) Be sure your sensor is fully charged, allowing the sensor to charge for at least 2-3 hours prior to use
2) Delete and reinstall the app
3) Restart your iOS/Android device
​4) Perform a hard reset of the sensor.  To initiate a hard reset of the sensor be sure the sensor is turned on and then hold the multi-function button for  for a full 10 seconds and do not release until all of the LED lights turn on. Once all LED lights turn on, let go of the multi-function button and all light should turn off indicating that the hard reset has completed.  After the hard reset is complete turn the sensor on by pushing in the multi-function for 4 seconds and retry calibrating.

If you continue to have issues calibrating your device please email us here and our Customer Service Team will help resolve the issue.

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