How to Improve 3D Accuracy

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The primary cause for the 3D Swing Plane to be inaccurate is due to having an incorrect bat position in your account settings.  When bat position is set incorrectly the 3D swing will either show the swing path very close to the avatar with impact in front of the plate, or away from the avatar with impact behind the plate.

To improve accuracy, we recommend setting the box position to 7_2, and bat position to 5. We advise to set your settings to these measures as we have found this to be a standard setting for most batters.  If you continue to experience an inaccurate swing path with these settings, try the following:

1) If impact is in front of the plate and your swing plane looks to be very close to the avatar (as shown below), raise the bat position to a higher number (e.g. > 5).

2) If Impact consistently occurs behind plate and your swing planes looks to be elongated over the plate lower the bat position (e.g. < 5).

For a detailed video explaination on 3D analysis, see the following video:

If you continue to experience issues with the 3D rendering of your swing, Click Here to contact our Customer Support Team and we'll help to resolve the issue. 

Note: The avatar is not a real representation of your body and it does not adjust according to your arm and body movements. This may cause the bat path to look inaccurate in relation to the avatar. If you are trying to look at how tight your swing stays in relation to your body, we recommend to use the Video tool. 

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