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My Account contains swing metrics and videos captured through the Zepp Baseball app that can be viewed on a web browser. The portal has two categories: Dashboard and Analysis Center.

The Dashboard is comprised of three areas: Highlights, Metrics and Videos.

The top section within the dashboard shows the highlights for a selected date or date range.

The Metrics section gives you a complete breakdown of your performance for a select date or date range. See how your swing is doing over time in comparison to your goals, and how each metric is stacking up in comparison to your previous session. Along the top navigation bar you can select whether you wish to filter to only see impact, starred, or video swings. Alternatively you can filter to view averages for any bat that was used during the select date(s).

View video swings captured from the Zepp Baseball app. Swings captured while using a Zepp sensor will overlay your swing metrics on both sides of the video as shown below.

Analysis Center
Track trends and view specific swing information captured using Zepp Baseball.

Similar to the metrics area within the Dashboard, the top navigation allows you to filter for impact, starred or video swings as well as allows you to view data for a specific bat. Once you have selected the filters you wish to apply, scroll down to view the swing score or metrics you wish to view or apply another filter under the "Sort By" option. Data is presented by default in the graph format to track consistency, but can also be listed numerically by selecting the three horizontal lines located to the right of "View" in the top navigation bar.
Currently the Analysis Center does not allow you to export measurements into a document. This feature is in development and will become available in the near future.

Note - Currently the Analysis Center does not allow you to export metrics. In addition, the information shown in the analysis center is only shown for the administrator account or user that is logged into the app, so player data is not available at this time. We look forward to introducing these features in the near future. Stay tuned to our website for more info! 

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