Disable Cellular Data in the Zepp App

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The Zepp Baseball app automatically syncs all of your swing information to the cloud in order to save it as a backup. This is not only used to back up all of your swing information, but also allows you to log into the app and view all of your swing data on any phone or tablet that is compatible with the app.

This process is automatic and will use 3/4G cellular data when your device is not connected to Wi-Fi. If you do not wish to allow the app to use your cellular data, simply switch on "Only Sync On Wi-Fi" located in your settings. Enabling this setting will block the app from using your cellular data. 

Please note that if this setting is enabled, and you capture swings and then log out of your account or delete the app before connecting to WiFi and syncing to our servers, any swings not yet uploaded to our servers will be permanently lost.

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