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The Training Center features tips and drills from two of the games best hitting instructors, John Mallee (baseball) and Tim Walton (softball). Mallee spent several successful seasons with the Houston Astros, and was recently hired as the hitting instructor for the Chicago Cubs. Walton is the head softball coach for the University of Florida, and is well known for leading the Florida Gators to five consecutive appearances in the Women's College World Series.

Within the app and on our website, Mallee and Walton provide video overviews and a handful of drills for each hitting metric and sport. With the insight you'll learn from watching these drills and putting in the practice we guarantee you'll become a better hitter. 

To access the Training Center on our website, select your sport:  Baseball  Softball

To access the Training Center within the app, choose the content icon and swipe to the right to access the training center content. 


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