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The Focus Screen is a feature that allows you to focus in on a metric.  With the Focus Screen, you can zero in on a specific Swing Metric, get instant feedback after each swing, and see the results of the adjustments you make.  Focus Screens are available for all Swing Metrics in the dashboard view.  To access focus screens from the 3D view, tap on the dashboard icon (bar graph), then tap any of the metrics. 

Focus screens also contain two videos for each metric. One video is an overview of the metric describing what the measurement is and why it is important. The second video contains a tip and drill on how to improve on the selected metric.

Below is an example of the focus screen for bat speed at impact. You can read the definition, a tip for improving, as well as the standards of the measure by tapping the " i " symbol located next to the name of the metric. In addition, selecting "chart" will show a speed overview for the entire swing of your hands as well as the barrel of your bat.

For more information on the speed chart, see the following video:

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