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How a Player can View Swings Captured by a Coach on their Own Device

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Players are able to view their swing data from their own mobile device without having to log into the coach’s account. In order to do so, they must first verify that their email address is added to their Player profile within the coach’s account. If an email address has already been entered, a "Synced" switch will appear (as shown below). If no email has been entered, this "Sync" field will allow you to enter a Player's email address.

Once the email is added, the player will receive an email verification that must be accepted in order to sync data. Once the player accepts to sync data with their coach, the "Sync Status" will change. Click Here for more information on Sync Status.

The final step is for the player to download the Zepp Golf app and create a new account using their email address. After the account is created, all swing information will sync from the coaches account. If the swings do not sync there are two possible reasons.

1. The coach needs to sync all player information to the cloud by connecting their iOS/Android device to the internet (3/4G or Wifi).  Leaving the app open the swings will automatically sync to the cloud. Typically each 3-D swing will take 2-3 seconds to sync.  Video swings will take up to 10-15 seconds.

2. The Players email address was added to their player profile after the swings were captured on the coaches account. This is because swings will only sync to a players account if they were captured after their email address was added to their player profile in the coach's account.

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