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My Swing Goals is a feature that allows you to set goals for each of the metrics of your swing, whether with Zepp’s goal presets (from Amateur to Professional) or based on your own results, for a unique, custom swing analysis!

To set or change your Swing Goals, tap on gear icon in the top left of the Profile tab. Next, select Goals. Choose from a list of preset goals, customize your own goals, or choose "Starred" to model your goals after your best swings.


For more information on starring (favoriting) swings, Click Here.

Once goals are set, each swing you take will be measured by your personal goals! A metric with a green color indicates that your were very close to your goals, followed by yellow, and finally red indicating you were far off from your target. In our current version, swing goals can be set for Tempo, Backswing Position, Club Plane Comparison, Hand Plane Comparison, and Club Speed (Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrids, Irons, and Wedges).

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