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Training Plans help you develop a better swing. Depending on what your focus is, we have a list of Training plans to help your golf swing. 

- Fundamentals:

This series focuses on everything that happens before the ball is hit.

List of Drills:

  1. The Grip
  2. Grip Pressure
  3. Alignment and Set Up
  4. Set Up and Body Posture
  5. Reshot and the Waggle
  6. Defining Ball Position

Better Ball Striking I:

Learn how to properly hit the ball the solidly and consistently. 

List of Drills: 
  1. Inside Golf Ball Drill for Club Plane
  2. Target Rod Drill for Club Plane
  3. The Anti - Shank Drill 1
  4. The Anti - Shank Drill 2

More Power I

Helps you develop more power which means higher club head speed, and an increase in your ball trajectory by 10 - 20 yards or more. 

List of Drills:
  1. Thrust Speed Drill
  2. Ten Finger Speed Drill
  3. Knee Resistance Speed Drill
  4. Stop Drill for Speed & Power

Stop Slicing 

This series of drills will help you swing on Plane for longer, more accurate shots.

List of Drills:
  1. In to Out Drill
  2. Punch Drill for Club Plane
  3. Back to Target Drill for Club Plane
  4. Split Golf Ball Drill on Club Plane

- Stop Hooking

This series of drills will help you to stop hooking and start hitting straighter shots so you can start hitting more fairways. 

List of Drills:
  1. Medicine Ball Drill for Better Release
  2. Anti-Slide/Stuck Drill
  3. Split Foot Cut Drill for Hand and Club Plane
  4. Split Hand Drill for Hand & Club plane
  5. Headcover Drill for Club Plane

- Swing Mechanics 

This training plan will help your overall swing mechanics. 

List of Drills:
  1. Choke Up Drill
  2. Sequence of Motion Drill
  3. Finish Balance Drill
  4. Wall Drill
  5. Impact Bag Drill

Speed Training

This training plan is geared toward increasing your club speed by 3 - 5 MPH.

List of Drills:
  1. Swish Drills 
  2. Baseball Swing Drill
  3. Kneel Drill

Core and Flexibility 

This series will help you improve your core strength and flexibility at home or during the offseason. 

List of Drills:
  1. Hands to Wall Stretch
  2. Core Twist Drill 
  3. Range of Motion Drill

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