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Zepp products that are ordered from our online store are charged sales tax. The amount of sales tax is determined by state.  Tax exempt organizations such as universities or other educational facilities that are tax exempt can be refunded the sales tax on their order by providing a tax exempt form to Zepp support. To do so, Click Here to contact our Customer Support team and attach the tax exempt form in your email. Additionally, in the email please let us know your full name and the order number shown on the screen immediately after you place the order. 

Providing this form will ensure that your sales tax is refunded back you via the original payment method used to place the order.

Tax Exempt Refund Process:

1. Place purchase from the Zepp Online Store. Make note of your order number.
2. Provide tax exempt form to Zepp Support along with your name and order number.
3. Zepp Support will refund the sales tax on your order. Please note that the refunded tax amount may take up to 2-4 business days to process back into your account. 


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