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Backswing Time

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Backswing Time is the measure, in seconds, of the time between tossing the ball until the lower point of the racket drop position, or when you have brought your racket up, and bent your arm in an L shape, and the racket head has dropped in preparation to swing and make impact.

A typical backswing time for most players will be between 1.0-2.0 seconds.

Tips for improving Backswing Time

Toss the ball up with one hand while "scratching your back" with your racket in your other hand. This will put you in the best position to strike the ball when the ball is in the optimal position. Beginners sometimes lift the racket up behind their back before they toss the ball,and their backswing time will be much longer. Though this will make it easier to hit the ball, you are likely to generate less power and momentum than you're capable of. 

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