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Ball Spin is the indicator of the amount of spin the racket puts on the ball after impact. Ball Spin is calculated on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 indicating the ball has no spin and 10 indicating that the ball has a maximum amount of spin.

For a flat serve, the ball will have limited to no spin. For a slice or kick serve, more power will be transferred into creating ball spin instead of ball speed. Usually, second serves will have more ball spin speed than the first serves. 

Tips for improving Ball Spin 

In order to generate more spin, you should make contact with the ball, brushing the back of the ball towards the direction of the spin you want to apply. Brushing the racket up on the ball will create topspin. Brushing the racket across the side of the ball will create sidespin. Body position can also play a role in how well you rotate your racket to apply spin, so observe your racket path in the 3D screen when you try different serves to see how well you can get your racket into position. 

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