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Racquet Speed Impact

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Racket Speed Impact is the measure, in miles per hour (MPH), of the velocity of the sweet spot of your racket when it impacts with the ball. The faster your racket is traveling when you make solid contact with the ball on the racket sweet spot, the higher the ball speed and more ball spin your racket will generate. 

The usual standard for male tennis professionals is an average racket speed of 70-85 mph. For female tennis professionals, the average racket speed is around 55-70 mph. 

Tips for improving racket speed impact 

First, toss the ball at proper height and impact the ball on the sweet spot of your racket. Remember the intensity of your swing (how hard you try to swing the racket) does not necessarily create a fast racket speed. Technique plays an important role. Try swinging with 85% of your maximum effort, to create an optimal racket speed and hit the ball on the sweet spot. You'll also get the bonus of good ball control. 

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