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Updating Your Sensor's Firmware

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When apps are updated in the App Store or Google Play, they will sometimes include a firmware update. Firmware updates will result in improved accuracy of the sensor and generally only take a couple minutes to complete. 

To see if a firmware update is available, sync the sensor to an iOS or Android device.  The "Firmware Update" option will only appear on the home screen if your sensor has outdated firmware (as shown below). If the option does not appear, then your sensor's firmware is up to date.

Upon tapping the firmware update option, you will be asked whether you want to continue with the update. The app will then help you prepare to start with the firmware update process.

Once you Proceed to Upgrade, the sensor will power down. Power the sensor back on to continue the firmware update process. After the sensor is turned on, reconnect the sensor in your mobile devices Bluetooth settings menu by selecting the Zepp sensor in your bluetooth options. This is required as the update process will automatically un-pair the sensor from your device.

Once the sensor is connected via Bluetooth, reopen the app and the sensor will reconnect and ask you to confirm that you'd like to transfer files. Select 'Start File Transfer,' and once the transfer is done you are ready to start swinging! 

Is your sensor unresponsive after attempting to update the firmware? Click here to troubleshoot the issue.

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