Deleting your swings

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Take a bad swing and want to delete it?  There are a few different ways that you can delete your swing(s).  

Deleting Screens from the Swing Screen

On the Swing Screen, press and hold the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen and swipe up.  To delete a swing, tap the delete icon.

Deleting Swings from My History

In My History, choose a swing that you want to delete and swipe left across the swing data.  To delete a swing, tap the delete icon.


Deleting Multiple Swings

There are a couple different options for deleting multiple swings.  Choose to delete all swings for a particular club, swings from a specific date, or all of your favorite swings.  Go to My History and choose the swings that you'd like to delete.  In the example below we've chosen to delete all Driver swings.  On the Driver screen, swipe down on "Driver" at the top of the screen.  A red box will appear that says "Manage The Swings".  Tap this and select Delete All Swings or Delete Practice Swings.

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