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My Clubs is a feature that allows you to customize what's in your bag.  Currently, we have over 10,000 club's in our database that you may choose from.  If your specific club set is not in our database, we recommend selecting the generic club type for each club and inputting the correct club length for accurate tracking. If you'd like to see your club added in a future app update, Click Here and let our team what clubs you have.

To manage your clubs go to "My Clubs."  Edit what's in your current club set or select the "+" icon to add new clubs. 

My Club FAQs.

My clubs aren't in your database.  What should I do?

If your clubs aren't in our database we recommend using the Generic club set and customize each club in your bag.  We regularly update the club database so if you'd like to see your clubs added don't hesitate to email us your request and we will be sure to have the clubs adding in a future update. 

How do I measure the shaft length of my clubs? 

Place the club on the floor with the face of the golf club facing upwards.  Place a measuring stick directly behind the golf club and measure from the base of the shaft to the top end of the grip. Alternatively, you can search the manufacturers website for your club's specs. 

How do I measure the degrees of loft of my clubs? 

The easiest way to find the loft of your clubs is to search the manufacturers website.  If you're not successful you can always take them to a local golf store to be measured.

How do I add a club?

To add a club select My Clubs in the main menu of the app.  Select the "+" icon on the top right of the screen.  Choose club type and enter club details.  Select the Save icon in the top right corner when done.

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