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Charging the Zepp sensor

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To charge your Zepp Sensor, insert the sensor into the USB charging dock. Make sure the clear plastic film protecting the contact points (the copper “dots” on the bottom of the sensor) has been removed prior to docking. Insert the charging cable into a power-supplied USB port such as a computer or laptop. You may also use any compatible USB charging adapter.

When the sensor is properly charging, a number of LEDs (1 to 9) will light up in the LED channel (the long black line) with one light blinking at the end of the row. As the sensor charges, more lights will be lit solidly, and the next light will begin to blink. Depending on your power source, a full charge of your sensor typically will take approximately 2-3 hours. The sensor is only fully charged when all ten LED lights fade slowly in and out as shown below.


Having trouble charging your Zepp sensor? Please visit the troubleshooting article here for steps to resolve this issue. 

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