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Sensor isn't Charging

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If you're having trouble charging your sensor please try the following:

1. Ensure your USB charger is connected to an appropriate power source.

2. Ensure the two charging connectors on the bottom of the sensor face towards the charger.  When you place the sensor into the charger, you should feel it click in.  

3.  When securely fit into the charger, press down on the top of the sensor where the charging connectors connect.  

When the sensor is charging, it will display anywhere from 1-9 solid LED lights, with one LED light blinking. Once the sensor is fully charged it will display as shown below with all 10 LED lights fading in and out every 3-4 seconds. 


If you find that after completing the steps above you are still unable to successfully charge your sensor please contact our Customer Support Team here to resolve the issue. 

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